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Sarkodie Is Not On My Top 5 Rappers In Ghana List – Obibini

The rap scene has gotten pretty heated in the past few days with rappers Obibini and Amerado going hard at each other in a heated beef that promises to leave no bones in its trail.

Obibini would probably have more than Amerado to deal with, as he has shared a very unpopular opinion about the most decorated rapper in Africa, Sarkodie.

According to Obibini, Sarkodie is not someone that would get much rotation on his playlist because he simply lacks the vibe he looks for in music.

Obibini was on Showbiz 360 with Giovanni Caleb and he was asked if he was threatened by the new crop of rappers out making waves currently.

“Lyrically speaking I don’t think they are doing much. But I mean, with waves, with trends, this is what is going on. The drill, it’s fun to ride on”, he said.

He was asked specifically to mention the top 5 acts that he believed had the ability to change the game. He mentioned Lyrical Joe for dexterity and Black Sherif for originality.

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“How about the guys in your league, other rappers you vibe to?” Giovanni queried. “Shouts to the Geminis, the Strongmans, Manifest, all of them”, Obibini replied.

Sarkodie was conspicuously absent from the list and Giovanni wanted to know why. “Eventually he would have come… Shouts to Sark too… yeah he is one of the top 5 but I don’t know, if I make a list, maybe top 10, I’ll put him in”.

Watch all he said below:

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