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The 5 Craziest Punchlines in the Amerado-Obibini Beef So Far – Check them Out

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It is beefs like this that keeps the music industry vibrant and we’re loving what rappers Amerado and Obibini are doing.

Amaerado and Obibini, two great Ghanaian rappers are taking a dig at each other lyrically in Diss songs after a ‘supposed misunderstanding’.

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The Genesis: What Caused The Beef?
Amerado was a guest on famous British rap show Tim Westwood TV where he proved his skill by wowing many with impeccable rap.

In between his punches and flow, Amerado used the word ‘Wudidi’ and rapper Obibini claimed that verse was an indirect swipe at him.

Amerado explained in an interview that he was not going to use an international platform to diss someone whose career was in a dip.

He charged Obibini to enter the studio and record a diss song if he felt disrespected and here we are now.

Amerado and Obibini have dropped diss songs and GhanaCelebrities.Com have complied 5 crazy punchlines that can murder someone’s music career.

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Punchlines from Obibini in Deceased (Amerado Diss)

  1. My dagger is too sharp for this unworthy scapegoat.
  2. Silly Gay Boy, I Know You Like Me.
  3. How much did you get when you performed at UK? That chicken change and a couple of white Tees (T-shirt) can’t buy my Nike.
  4. I Don’t see you as Part of The Kumerica boys, You’re just an opportunist following them for shine.
  5. Annoying bastard chasing clout as a best rapper.

Punchlines From Amerado in The Throne (Obibini Diss)

  1. I Just resurrected the dead Lasarrus (Obibini), I’m about to kill him again as a scapegoat.
  2. A sleeping Old man, You want to compare Ntim Nation (amateur lawyer) to Tsikata ( renowned Lawyer).
  3. Everyone who went on Zylofon Music Record Label had a hit song but your career is a wreck like a car used to carry plantain at Goaso.
  4. You have 12 followers but you’re claiming to be a Messiah. Someone ask Obibini the last time he played a show.
  5. I see Obinini as Bob Okala (a Ghanaian comedian) because he does concert party. He feels he is established but he is no where near there because he is wack.

The punchlines keeps coming – we are informed Obibini has dropped another Diss song for Amerado titled Carcass and Amerado is in the studio recording his reply.

We will bring you that as well.

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