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I Was A Bada$$ Rapper As A Kid – Until My Mum Beat Me and Shaved All My Hair – Fufu Funu Reveals

Afia Schwarzenegger has revealed that in an alternate universe she might have become a rapper – and a damn good one at that.

The comedienne and social media nuisance says if things had turned out differently in her life she would have been rubbing shoulders with Sarkodie and Eno Barony rather than throwing tantrums on social media for unnecessary attention.

Afia revealed this little known trivia about her to a fan in a conversation thread under one of her numerous posts.

Afia made an update and a fan commented under it that she should have been a rapper.

She replied by claiming that she was a top rapper in her childhood and during her days as a student of Adehyeman Senior High School.

Schwar claims she even won a rap competition run by DSTV in the late 90s with Reggie Rockstone and Abrewa Nana as judges!

“I was a bad ass rapper in my teens, won some couple of competitions at Adehyeman in Kumasi in the late 90’s ….do you-know I won a Dstv competition in Kumasi with @reggierockstone711 and @abrewa99 as the judges?” she wrote.

Afia added that the day she won the competition was the end of her rap career.

When she got home that day, her mother beat the crap out of her for rapping and even shaved off her long hair which was her pride and joy.

That abuse from her mother totally killed her love for rap.

She added: “Well that day was the end of rap for me ..when I took my present home I was beaten by my mother, she shaved all my long hair (my hair at that time was very precious to me ) I lost the love to rap….that was how I earned the name Mother SWEAT…long story short..dnt run from school to chase your talent.”

Afia’s comment attracted the attention of Ghana’s undisputed queen of rap, Eno Barony who replied: “I’m Glad u dont rap anymore 😂😂😂 anka waha me,”

Honestly we are sad she didn’t get to continue rapping because music might have focused her life and saved us a lot of the nonsense we have to deal with from Afia these days!

With a mother like that though – it’s no wonder Afia turned out as she did.

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