I’m In Prison Because Of ‘Kpoo Keke’: The Sad Story Of A Prisoner

He was a young driver who picks passengers with the vehicle of his boss and gets paid at the end of the day. His life story has not been the best because growing up, he lost his father and his mother is unemployed. As a result, he started making friends who influenced him negatively. This is the story of Kofi Asamoah, a young man who has been jailed for taking excessive Alcohol (Kpoo Keke) whilst driving.

He has young siblings who needed to be taken care of but the mother was not in the best position to assist. The father who was assisting the family, unfortunately, died along the way. As the eldest child, Kofi Asamoah decided to ride a motorcycle for a living but had an accident along the way. He sustained severe injuries and was bedridden for over six months. It was at this moment he started taking alcohol.

He had friends who used to visit and console him whilst in bed and whenever they come around, they bring a bottle of Kpoo Keke. Kofi Asamoah became addicted to alcohol. By the grace of God, he became well and was employed to drive a commercial vehicle. Since he was addicted, the young man could not drive the vehicle without taking alcohol. Before he begins work, alcohol is the first thing he takes and after closing, he will go and continue.

I’m In Prison Because Of ‘Kpoo Keke’: The Chilling Story Of A Young Prisoner. 51

Kofi Asamoah was working in one of the good days when the police stopped him. He smelled alcohol and after a test was conducted, it was realized that he had taken more than the prescribed level required by law. He begged for forgiveness but the policeman on duty refused to listen. He was arranged before the court and pleaded guilty to charges of drinking above the prescribed alcohol limit and driving without a license. He confessed to excessively taking Kpoo Keke and other substances whilst driving.

He was asked to pay a fine of GHC 1, 200 but he had no money to do so. His boss also abandoned him and that landed him to six months in prison. Life in prison has been bad for him and has regretted ever making alcohol his favorite drink. He has changed and promised to stop taking any alcoholic beverage. The Crime Check Foundation has however paid his fine and he is set to come back to his home at Atasomanso in the Ashanti Region.

I’m In Prison Because Of ‘Kpoo Keke’: The Chilling Story Of A Young Prisoner. 52

It should be noted that producers of alcoholic beverages before approval are made to tell their users that excessive consumption can be detrimental to their health and persons below the ages of eighteen years are not supposed to take. For anyone to consume more than excess like Kofi Asamoah is a personal decision and the producers cannot be blamed. However, we must all be aware that taking hard drugs and other substances can be bad for our health.

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