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I’m Sleeping Around to Raise Money to Build A Church – Ghana’s Most Selfless Slay Queen

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We finally found her – Ghana’s most selfless slay queen!

Some sleep around for money, others sleep around for rent, others for things as low as iPhones or wigs.

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Not Lari the Bosschick – Lari says she’s sleeping around to raise money to build a church and possibly an orphanage as well.

Her banging married men is actually for selfless reasons!

Lari spoke with Ghana’s foremost promoter of slay queens, Arnold Elavanyo Mensah on his show ‘Vibes in 5’.

In their interview, Lari said she has no guilt sleeping around with married men because she knows it will happen to her one day.

According to her, all men of this era are not satisfied by one woman so they go around looking for sidechicks.

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Lari said if she marries one day her husband would cheat so she has no problem sleeping with other people’s husbands right now.

Asked if she had saved any money she makes from sleeping with people’s husbands, she answered yes.

She added that she plans to use the money to do good.

“I intend to build a children’s home and a church with the money I’ve saved,” she said.

When asked how she can use money gained from evil acts for such a purpose, she said it’s not her fault as married men are the ones who chase her around and not vice versa.

She added that using the money from her promiscuous lifestyle to build a church is to impress God to forgive her for her sins.

To watch the video visit Arnold Elavanyo Mensah’s page on Instagram.

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