You Cursed Yourself – Ayisha Modi Drops Proof of Obofour Sending Money to Afia Schwar

Ayisha Modi has once again put Afia Schwarzenegger in a chokehold in the most one-sided beef of all time.

Afia Schwarzenegger has been a social media nuisance for as long as we can remember, beefing anyone without fear or favour – or shame.

She attacks people without thinking and would drag you to the deepest gutters with no remorse.

Ayisha Modi however seems to be her only antidote. In their ongoing beef, Ayisha keeps dropping revelation after revelation and all Afia can do is reply with curses.

Even the curses are being returned to sender because it seems Afia lied in issuing the curses.

The comedienne had cursed Ayisha Modi after she alleged that Afia begged Reverend Obofour for money to help take care of her kids.

She made that revelation to hit back at Afia for criticising the enstoolment of Reverend Obofour as a chief by a Ga community.

Afia as usual was pissed off at Ayisha and replied by cursing her.

According to her, anyone who lies against her and her daughter by saying they have gone to beg for money they have not begged for will die!

She invoked the Antoa Nyama diety to kill whoever made those lies against her.

Afia also said she can never beg Obofour for money because he doesn’t even pay Ghc 1,000 when he sleeps with slay queens.

Well, Ayisha has dropped proof and says Afia’s curses are now back to her because Obofour definitely made her (Ayisha) send Afia money.

Checkout her post below…

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