Don’t Marry Him If He Bath Thrice A Day,Real Men Don’t Like Bathing- Jacinta Tells Women

Comedienne Jacinta is telling women what they need to look out for before considering a man for marriage. According to her, the dealbreaker that every lady out there must be on the lookout for is a man who bathes three times a day. In a tweet, the Ghanaian-Nigerian comedienne, said real men are those that do not bathe often. Therefore, any man out there who is always trying to go under the shower is clearly not the kind of man any lady should be thinking of getting married to.
In a nutshell, Jacinta is communicating that real men do not have the liberty of time to be concerned about their personal hygiene and grooming. They are more concerned about important issues. Perhaps, however,  that was the reason why she fell in love with Kalybos. Jacinta is a comedian, so she just might be making one of those jokes.

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