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If There Are No Cameras, White Money Will Never Cook for 22 People – Nigerian Lady Explains Why

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A Nigerian lady has gone viral after attacking the most popular contestant in the 2021 BB Naija: Shine Ya Eye edition, Hazel ‘Whitemoney’ Onou.

The lady has bought into the accusations from housemate Pere that Whitemoney cooking for the house is his strategy.

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According to her, it is absolutely his strategy and he would never do that if not being in Big Brother’s house.

The lady spoke in a length video analysing this season of Big Brother Naija.

She attacked fans of Whitemoney for being naive to think that he actually likes cooking and cleaning.

According to her, Whitemoney is only doing that for the show and would never do that if he were back home.

She said if Whitemoney is staying with his family he would never cook for his sisters to eat.

The ‘Shine Ya Eye’ BB Naija edition has become a bombshell show due to conflict between two male housemates Whitemoney and Pere.

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Whitemoney cooks for the house every single day and is good at it too, but Pere claims it is his strategy to make everyone dependent on him.

After becoming Head of House, Pere took Whitemoney out of the kitchen but it became a disaster as the house started starving due to the unwillingness of any other housemate to do the hard work of cooking for 22 people.

Whitemoney thus became reinstated in the kitchen after a revolt against General Pere’s regime by the other housemates.

Since then, some fans have attacked the female housemates for being lazy.

The lady echoed that by calling the female housemates useless by not being able to cook for themselves.

She swore that a woman’s office is the kitchen whether she is a senator, governor or commissioner.

She therefore couldn’t believe that 12 strong women in the Big Brother House could not cook and had to rely on a man to cook for them!

Listen to her entertaining rant below…

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