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Kumericans Are Asking For 3Music TV To Be Deleted And Here’s Why

Multimedia just opened an extension on their network called 3MusicTv which is meant to exclusively show music videos. It was a laudable idea till people decided it wasn’t.

They seem to have stepped on the toes of the Kumericans and are facing huge backlash. The Kumericans are asking for the station to be deleted by anyone who supports their movement.

This backlash happened because Kumericans felt insulted by a degrading message posted by a board member of the station. In the Facebook post, he said

“Sit in Kumasi and think you are Kanye West and don’t submit your HD video to 3Music Tv. Even your senior colleagues (A-List) artists like Sarkodie and R2bees saf are submitting. Gbemi, Dey there and eat bitter leaves stew, your time go pass like kokoveli siaaa”

This message did not meet the right side of the Kumericans because it was downright degrading and totally unnecessary. They (Kumericans) are of the view that, the station plays songs from Burna Boy, Davido and international artistes who did not submit anything so why are they catching all this heat.

They also feel because they are up and coming some of them may have low budget videos and if they do not qualify to be on the network, they reserve the right to be respected.

They came up with a hashtag which is trending on Twitter now and it says #Delete3musictvNow. They are asking all who love them to boycott the station and delete it from their TVs because the disrespect is peak.

This is not the only thing this board member said about Kumerica. He has previously made posts that Kumericans find disrespectful.

The people are angry and hopefully, 3Music Tv will find a way to work around it. On another thought, they may not see anything wrong with the posts and will ignore the backlash. Who knows?

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