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Lawyer Maurice Ampaw Replies Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s Polygamy Advice

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has reacted to Dr Kwaku Oteng’s advice on why it is better to engage in polygamy than have side chicks.

Dr. Kwaku Oteng, who has 4 wives, made a statement that men enjoy the peace and luxury of marriage when married to more than one wife.

He explained that you have an option to move to another wife to find comfort when one wife is disturbing your peace.

Since the millionaire made this assertion, social media users have given varied reactions and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw is the latest to add his voice to the pile.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw opined that having many wives is not as pleasant as Dr. Kwaku Oteng is preaching.

According to the outspoken lawyer, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages when it comes to having multiple wives.

He cited that wives of a polygamous husband do not love him or trust his words.

Lawyer Ampaw explained that wives find it hard to believe you indeed love her because you say the same words to three or more wives.

He concluded in an interview that you wouldn’t have gone for more wives if you indeed loved her.

Is Lawyer Ampaw saying it’s better to stick to one wife and not insult her by bringing in more wives?

Tell us what you think, polygamy or side chicks?

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