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Woman Who Bathed Leticia Pinaman’s Body Shares Scary Story

Leticia Pinaman, a 14-year-old Miracle SHS student who died a few months ago has been buried.

Leticia Pinaman was laid to rest in Sunyani by her family after two months of her passing.

A woman who bathed her body has shared a scary story of how her body looked. A woman who identified herself as her grandmother revealed in an interview that Leticia Pinamna’s body changed.

She noted that her arms and her face were all peeled. According to her, they couldn’t even carry her body without it peeling off.

The old woman stressed that Leticia Pinaman was killed and hanged because her body was almost rotten. She emphasised that someone pulled her blood, plus all the delay in autopsy before the body went into the morgue affected the body.

Leticia Kyere Pinaman was buried over the weekend. She was buried in Sunyani where her family resides.

In a video that has popped up on social media, the family poured libation and perform some rituals before the burial.

Also, she was buried with a cutlass to avenge her death.

Watch the video below;

Leticia Kyere Pinaman died a few months ago. She was a student of the Miracle Senior High School in Sunyani in the Bono Region.

Her body was found hanging on the ceiling of the school’s dining hall with a sad note in her pocket.

Report went viral that Leticia Pinaman committed suicide but her family believed she was killed.

Meanwhile, an autopsy report also confirmed she died an unnatural death.

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