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You’ve Disgraced God, the Queen and England – Angry Abeiku Santana Goes After Kissing Priest

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Abeiku Santana has slammed a priest with the Anglican Church spotted in a viral video kissing some students.

According to the veteran presenter who sounds like he’s an angry member of the church, the priest has disgraced the entire church – all the way to Queen of England in the UK.

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Santana went on a rant on his radio show today on Okay Fm.

He gave his reaction to the trending video which has thrown the entire country into outrage.

In case you haven’t been following the news, a video which went viral today showed an Anglican priest kissing some girls (students).

The priest has been identified as one Rev. Balthazar Obeng Larbi at the St. Monica’s College of Education at Mampong.

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He kissed three students on the lips – two somewhat willingly but the last one was definitely unwilling and was forced into the act.

The video sparked outrage online and the church reacted swiftly with a statement. Some reports even say he has been sacked.

An angry Abeiku tackled the priest’s actions in an angry mood.

He outlined the importance of the Anglican Church in the world, serving as the official Church of England which happens to be one of the most powerful nations on earth.

He lit into the preacher for disgracing such a huge church with his actions.

Watch Santana’s angry rant on the issue below…

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