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‘Kissing Priest Needs to Be Jailed’ – Prophet Kofi Oduro Goes Savage

Prophet Kofi Oduro of the Alabaster Ministries has called for the arrest and prosecution of the Anglican priest who kissed three students.

Oduro went ballistic in a video he posted on social media, calling for the laws of Ghana to work and jail the paedophile priest.

The man of God, known for making outrageous statements without blinking, was livid and out of his mind.

He blasted the preacher for disgracing God and called on him to find some gutter and sleep in if he’s not cut out to be a pastor.

He also said he can find some ‘ofos’ (second hand clothing) to sell if being a man of God is too much work for him.

What sort of pressure is in a pastor’s loins for him to stand before a whole assembly and be kissing little girls?” he wondered.

“The priest’s robe is not for fools. If God has not called you find a gutter to sleep in. If God has not called you look for some ‘ofos’ to sell and stop fooling in the name of God,” Oduro screamed.

He repeated ‘gyimie’ (fool) in an animated voice.

Oduro ended by saying: “This is a clear crime and the law of this country must take its course!”

His outburst comes after a viral video of a priest at the St Monica’s College in Mampong kissing female students hit the web.

The priest apparently decided to reward these brilliant female students with a kiss, in public, although at least one of them fiercely resisted.

His dastardly actions have been fiercely condemned, and the Anglican Church is alleged to have sacked him from the school – although that is yet to be confirmed.

We will believe that when we see it.

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