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Video Of S3fa and Efya Kissing Causes Mixed Reactions Online – Watch

In the wake of LGBTQ fight in Ghana, two famous Ghanaian musicians have been filmed locking their lips together affectionately in a club.

Ghanaian singer Efya and Black Avenue Music artiste S3fa have been seen in a trending video kissing themselves in a club.

The two ladies gave each other an affectionate kiss on the lip before the video ended.

In the video, award winning singer Efya walked up to s3fa at her table, called her over then they both leaned in to kiss themselves as if they were lovers.

The video was not lengthy enough for us to determine if Efya was just greeting s3fa with a friendly kiss or she was dared to do that but it looked strange for her to boldly walk to the table and execute her mission.

Watch the video below and tell us if you think it means Efya and S3fa are lesbian partners.

Many are claiming this video provides evidence to the rumors that Efya has affection for ladies just as much as she loves guys–but we cannot confirm this rumor or agree to the public perception.

She once muddied the waters by posting a vibrator claiming that she has nothing to do with men and that the s*x toy is her new lover because it cannot break her heart.

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