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Even Undertakers Do Better Make Up for Bodies – Fans Troll Hilarious Video of Afia Schwar With Overdone Makeup

A video of Afia Schwarzenegger with her face covered in overdone makeup has brought the trolls to come for her big time.

Afia Schwarzenegger is never far from mockery and she has done it again.

In a video making waves online, Afia Schwarzenegger is seriously looking like a clown, having completely botched her makeup routine.

We have no idea if she did it herself or had someone do it for her but the end result is, it looked completely botched.

If a professional did that for her the person should be fired ASAP and if she did it herself then she should never do her own makeup for the rest of her life.

Seriously, watch the video below…

Predictably, the comments of the video are as hilarious as can be imagined.

Social media users who have a hate-hate relationship with Afia Schwarzenegger came for her with no mercy.

One commenter went so far as to say that corpses in the morgue are giving better makeup than Afia has put on. WOW!

“Even undertakers can do better make up for dead bodies,” the user said.

Talk about a fatality!

Other comments were similarly unflattering.

“Na fufu funu asesa ne makeup artist anaa as3 the face is different bi saa no and the neck too is also different,” another said.

“Face too scary,” yet another fan added.

Something tells us, Fufu Funu could care less about these attacks but still, she can do far better than what she showed in this video.

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