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Ghanaians elf Kuami Eugene After Twene Jonas Got Verified Before Him

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Social media users are trolling the heck out of Kuami Eugene after Twene Jonas got verified on the bird app before him.

Kuami Eugene has been on chirrup since 2011, has over a million followers meanwhile Jonas tied in 2015 and has truly over 45,000 followers.

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Yet Jack (Twitter CEO) categorical to verify the trouble-causing vlogger before the award-winning musician.

That brought out Ghanaians to imp Eugene vast time!

The lead singer is one of the Ghanaian celebrities who is for ever and a day nature trolled for one event or a further and this time he has managed to let somebody have the trolls new ammunition.

Twene Jonas of late got his cheep credit verified and according to the trolls, that is a crime Kuami Eugene has committed.

Reactions to Jonas’ verifications brought extra attacks on Eugene he absolutely did not anticipate.

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One user commented: “”Jack has Verified Twene Jonas…..and Kuami is still using twitter….suro nipa wai jack be wicked”

In another tweet, a Twitter user said: “This app is not first come first served oo can you imagine this Twene Jonas With 45k has been verified whiles kuami eugene with 1M followers hasn’t been verified,”

Getting verified is a sort out your management squad has to move made for you as an entertainer hence at the same time as Twene Jonas being paid verified has nil to perform with Kuami Eugene apiece se, the truth he got his deal with complete before Kuami Eugene is enormously a disgrace.

Eugene is neutrally further general than Jonas, has been in the fame longer and has an intact management players from Lynx behind him.

He deserves to be trolled if a vlogger who roams the streets of the U.S comedy about gets verified before him!

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