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My Daughter Completed Uni and Got A Job In 3 Days in America But Graduates Are Unemployed for Years in Ghana – Ken Agyapong

Honourable Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin essential and craziest MP in office, has bemoaned the youth unemployment location in Ghana.

According to him, examination how the system facility in the United States versus Ghana makes him feeling extraordinarily guilty.

Kennedy Agyapong was speaking on his television channel Net 2 TV and addressed the plague of youth unemployment in Ghana.

The stem has reared its revolting proceed all over again considering that recent graduates just completed their national service and most part of them would be fusion the unemployed labour force.

It is very nearly a ritual in Ghana – a miniature percentage of individuals who bring out their service get retained by their employers, a small number of others are blessed as much as necessary to retrieve a responsibility anywhere but the lead would be leaving to be in session at home with no prospects.

For lots of of them, it would be years before they find a job – that is if they are drawn lucky!

Meanwhile, according to Kennedy Agyapong, one of his daughters concluded her education at an American university and had a post lined up for her before now in a hardly any days.

He says he feels guilty about that and hopes Ghanaian leaders observe a road to concentrate on that challenge.

“I don’t understand that a Ghanaian completes university and would not get a job meanwhile my daughter graduated [in America] on Saturday and gets a job by Tuesday.

“I feel so guilty about this, I feel so guilty so we should come together and change the system,” he said.

Reactions to the declare rubbished Kennedy’s detail as social media users display his daughter would get a job that promptly uniform if she’s in Ghana as he’s accordingly privileged.

Whilst that is positively true, it doesn’t change the reality in what he said – the system is not working as Twene Jonas all the time says.

The issue is Kennedy is carve up of the obstacle as he has been an MP in Ghana since the existence of Adam – if a touch is sin against as he’s clamining subsequently he has prepared nonentity to obtain it solved!

Rather than meeting on tv and chatting to earn sympathy, he is supposed to galvanise his fellow lawmakers to consider of customs to disentangle this issue.

That is extra advantageous to us than his guilt!

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