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Small Girl Receives 20 Lashes Because Teacher Did Not Like her Haircut – Father Storms School to Assault Teacher

A Nigerian teacher has beaten a student to a pulp after she reported to school with a haircut that he wasn’t pleased with.

A JSS 1 student of Mary Immaculate Secondary School in Ekiti received 20 lashes from her teacher who didn’t like her ‘ruffian’ hairstyle.

According to reports, the teacher stroke the little girl 20 lashes until she fainted and was rushed to the hospital.

The father of the student who is reportedly a police officer also stormed the school with 4 other friends to assault the teacher.

The student has been dismissed from the school whilst the father has sued the principal of Mary Immaculate Secondary School, Ekiti State Government and the Commissioner for Education and SUBEB with N15million compensation.

Recently, Ghana faced a similar problem as some students of Achimota School were denied admission because of their dreadlocks.

Authorities of the school demanded that they cut their hair before they are given admission but parents of the students declined as it is their religious right to hold their hair in that style.

After months of legal tussle, the students won the case and got admitted.

The issue of students hairstyle is one of the unnecessary topics yet it’s given much more attention than other important issues.

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