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Ungrateful Iona Joins Tracey Boakye And Afia Schwarzenegger To Mock MzBel – Video

If there is a poster girl for “biting the hand that fed you”, Iona will be a leading contender. Some people will never have shame and that’s just how they are.

Afia Schwarzenegger decided to throw a party for her sons who drunk champagne the whole night after her boasting of not having alcoholic kids. It was no surprise that all her female guests seemed to have one common enemy; MzBel.

Of course, Tracey Boakye was in the building. The same one who came for MzBel unprovoked and perpetrated the infamous “papa no” saga. She went with very ashy feet and was just happy to be reunited with her gossip squad.

Next on the list was boastful Diamond Appiah who was the first amongst them to have fallen out with MzBel. MzBel explained their falling out as a result of Diamond being envious and thinking she will go behind her back and visit her alleged sponsor at the time after they both went to see him.

Diamond who is very vocal about the hate she has for people will never have missed this party for all the coffee in Brazil. She recently posted a picture of Prophet Nigel Gaisie and laughed at him with Afia Schwarzenegger. We wonder what that beef is about.

Afia Schwarzenegger of course is a leading arch-enemy of MzBel. The once upon a time best friends will probably strangle each other if they could get away with it.

And surprisingly but not so much so, Iona clout-chaser Reine was in the building. Obviously shy and trying to hide her face which was full of embarrassment.

The same girl who will go to MzBel’s house and eat kenkey like the hungry bird was seen with the group. Someone who was helped immensely by MzBel but was obviously using her for her musical success which does not seem anywhere in sight.

For this one person, both positivity from when she got with MzBel and negativity from when they split did not help her. So where exactly does her fate lie? Positive news doesn’t help her, negativity which is supposed to work even faster has made her irrelevancy even worse.

Watch them subtly mock MzBel here:

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