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HEART-BREAKING! – “My Saudi Arabia employer forced me to smuggle drugs in my private parts.” Kenyan lady Narrates.

A Kenyan lady named Faith Murunga has narrated one of the most disheartening ordeals of all time in Saudi Arabia. Although cases of mistreatment of Kenyan ladies who travel to Saudi Arabia in search for jobs have become common, the experience of Faith beats many.

Speaking to Citizen TV Kenya, Faith said was forced by her employer in Saudi Arabia to smuggle drugs in her private parts. Upon her arrival in Saudi Arabia, her lofty dream faded away, fast. Her passport was taken away, then, her dignity. On her first day of work, her employers demanded that the smuggles a cache of drugs through her private part

“My journey to Saudi Arabia started with training in Syokimau here in Kenya on how to be a housemaid in Saudi Arabia. Upon arrival they took my passport,” she said on Wednesday “ The next morning things became bad. Nilianza kuambiwa niwaekee dawa kwa private parts(I was told to insert drugs on my private parts)”

She was beaten frequently, and for no reason. One day her boss asked her for a cup and she brought a spoon as she was yet to learn Arabic.

“I went through hell. One time I was beaten so bad after my boss asked me to bring a cup and I brought a spoon yet I didn’t understand the language. I used to have one meal in a day and that is strong tea,” she told JKlive

The situation would worsen as the days wore on. Her attempt to reach the Kenyan Embassy for help was futile.

“I got no support from any Kenyan official in Saudi Arabia. I called one Embassy guy and they used vulgar language akaniambia you are a girl enda ufanye ile kitu wenzako wanaeza fanya ndio ufanye kazi… lala na boss yako ndio ufanye kazi(go and sleep with your boss to get employed,” Ms Murunga said.

At some point, Ms Murunga says she thought all hope was lost. Her boss doused her with boiling water, leaving her with serious burns to her arm. She still carries those scars to date.

“At some point I thought I would die. My boss in Saudi Arabia poured hot water on my arm and that’s why I have this burn,” she narrated.

She continued that her employer would then force her to confess that she had burnt herself at gun point. She maintained the same story even to police officers and doctors who attended to her. Her moment of luck came when she was going back to the house with her employer.

“They told me to take out the trash, and I seized the opportunity to run across the road to the Redcross offices where I finally got help,” she adds.

According to her, she did not have money to pay for her air ticket, her husband back at home had spent all the cash she would wire home. Having experienced Saudi Arabia first hand, Ms Murunga says she would never go back despite the assurance.

“Experience is the best teacher. I would not tell anyone whether to go to Saudi Arabia or not. But before you go, find out whether the agency taking you there is genuine or not,” she said.

This is soo heartbreaking.

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