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Sarkodie Hasn’t Picked My Call for Two Years But I Still Love Him – A Plus Joins the Bandwagon

To no one’s surprise, yet another big celebrity has come out to admit that Sarkodie is an arrogant prick who ghosts his colleagues.

Kwame A Plus revealed on United Showbiz Saturday night that Sarkodie has done the same thing that’s he’s done to many other celebrities to him.

He has refused to pick his calls for two years, and has made no effort to return any of these calls!

A Plus casually dropped this bombshell whilst appearing as a panellist on the UTV show.

According to him, Sarkodie has not picked his call for two years now.

A Plus however said he has no problem with Sarkodie’s behaviour and keeps sharing his songs or whatever work he puts out there because he still loves the man.

A Plus evidently holds no grudge against King Sark unlike some of the other artistes he’s ghosted.

The rapper turned politician said he believes Sarkodie has cracked the code of being relevant in Ghana.

He often engages in conduct that is controversial to get Ghanaians talking about him and keep him relevant.

According to A Plus, Sarkodie operates under the assumption that it is better to be slandered than to be ignored and he is right.

In Ghanaian showbiz, when people are talking about you, either good or bad – it is far better than to be someone who is never talked about.

A Plus definitely got that right about Sarkodie!

Watch him talk about Sarkodie below…

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