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Humiliating Moment – Ghanaians In Germany Shouting ‘Fix the Country’ Ambush Akufo-Addo Whilst Attending High-Class Function

In probably the most humiliating moment of his Presidency so far, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was ambushed by a group of Ghanaians shouting ‘fix the country’ – in Germany!

The President was all dressed up, coming out of his banging limo and ready to attend a high-class function to wine and dine with some big boys and probably lowkey beg for some loans as well.

However, his night was ruined big time by a group of Ghanaians.

Whilst walking the ‘red carpet’ to enter the venue, the Ghanaians started shouting ‘fix the country’.

They shouted quite audibly for the President to hear that he should fix the country. They asked him to fix Ghana so they can return home to their motherlands and stop perching in Germany.

Akufo-Addo was obviously quite furious and tried to play it off but his actions clearly showed he was unhappy, confused and mad as hell.

He didn’t quite know how to respond to them and at a point even started clapping! He was clapping whilst these Ghanaians were humiliating him in a foreign land!

It was a truly humiliating moment for the first gentleman and we’re 100% happy that it happened.

Watch the humiliating video below…

Ghanaians have been crying ‘fix the country’ with desperation for months now with no response from the government.

Even a simple demonstration that was to be held was blocked and frustrated by the government in so many ways.

Meanwhile, those in power continue to mock the movement and call Ghanaians all sorts of names for daring to ask for things to become better in the country.

So, tell me why the President doesn’t deserve to be humiliated in this way?

Ghanaians all across the world should chase him wherever he goes and disgrace him in such a manner until he does his actual job and fixes the damn country!

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