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Yvonne Nelson Caught in Entanglement with Nigerian Superstar After Declaring She’s Done With Nigerian Men

Actress Yvonne Nelson once swore that she’s done with Nigerian men after heartbreak dating Iyanya, but she appears to have found herself in another entanglement.

Yvonne Nelson and Nigerian comedian Nasty Blaq, real name Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu, have put themselves into a real-life entanglement.

Nasty Blaq has been in Ghana for just a few days and he’s already landed fine babe Yvonne.

A video of the two is quickly going viral on social media.

Probably the most hilarious video you will watch today, it shows the two lovebirds starring in a skit.

In the video, Nasty Blaq and Yvonne are to star in a movie with a love scene.

It turned out the Nigerian comic is a big fan of Yvonne and even had a shirt on with her face hugely imprinted on it.

Immediately he saw Yvonne he started daydreaming about her and imagined they were out on dates and were being crowned as a king and a queen.

After the director brought him back to reality, Yvonne and him got under the sheets to shoot their love scene.

They had to simply kiss each other but well… watch the video below to see what happened next.

It seems Baby Ryn already has some siblings running around!

Yvonne has a long and storied history with Nigerian men who can’t get enough of her ‘waist.’

After her entanglement with Iyanya went sour, she apparently swore off Nigerian men but Nasty Blaq appears to be campaigning to change her mind and take her back there.

He truly seems to have a crush on Yvonne – let’s see where they end up.

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