Screenshots: Slay Queen Exposes Politicians, Celebrities and Rich Men In Her DM Begging For S*x

A Ghanaian lady has shared on her Facebook page screenshots of men with different reputations begging just to have her in bed for a night.

The beautiful lady, who uses the handle Gemini Goddess on Facebook, shook the internet space with her post which exposed big men and rich guys all trying to get into her pants.

The lady, Gemini Goddess, disclosed that her profession as a love s*x coach, entrepreneur and brand ambassador for some start-up companies, gave her contact to these men who saw her as an easy target for their promiscuity.

She shared screenshots of the messages she gets on daily basis in her DM from admirers proposing and begging to chop her.

She captioned the screenshots; ‘My Inbox’ and blurred out the identities of these men but from the chats, you could guess the influence they have in society.

These hungry perverts offered juicy deals trying to woo the lady for a one night stand.

Something must really kill a man!!

Check out the screenshots below and tell us if you identify anyone popular in the list.

These men must be turning in their chairs at the moment knowing very well that their identity can be revealed at any time.

The wind of an Abena Korkor level saga is expected to blow at a high speed in Ghana very soon, gear up.

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