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‘The Country Hard’ – Fans React as Actor Lilwin Is Spotted Buying ‘Gob3’ in Town – Watch

The state of the country has become so tough that our celebrities are acting like fans in the street.

Fans of Ghanaian actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win have expressed shock after seeing their star buying ‘Gob3’ that is Gari and beans in public.

Lilwin blamed it on Ghana’s current state when he was captured in the queue waiting his turn to buy to food at the roadside.

Knowing very well that the video will be posted online, the award winning actor spoke in the Akan language in a video gone viral that the hardship forced him to come out to buy the food.

According to him, it was a matter of life and death so he had to swallow his celebrity status and come buy the food.

In Ghana, being a celebrity deprives you of some normal daily activities like buying stuffs regular people crave for.

Fans expect you to behave like a superhuman with everything at your disposal because they see you on TV or hear your voice on radio.

When it comes to ‘Gob3’ as a delicacy, it is street knowledge that that meal is for broke or poor people.

It is very affordable and the little you eat can sustain you throughout the day, all you have to worry about is drinking water.

With that mentality in the heads of fans, seeing Lilwin joining a queue waiting his turn to buy that food by the road side caused mixed reactions that he was broke.

He even worsen the scenario when it got to his turn and he was urging with the food vendor to add extra gari to make it thicker.

He also filmed himself enjoying his meal peacefully. Watch the video below.

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