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An Angel When You Sing their Praises and A Devil When You Criticise Them – Constipated Lilwin Fo*lishly Attacks Bloggers

Comic actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin lost his cool with some bloggers for questioning him about his alleged relationship with Sandra Ababio.

Lilwin completely flipped out and delivered a stern lecture to the bloggers.

He went so far as to spray some insults on them.

Ghanaian celebrities have this unhealthy behaviour of thinking everyone has to lick their boots.

The moment you stop singing their praises – they turn on you!

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Lilwin is unhappy that questions persist about his alleged relationship to fellow Kumawood star Sandra Ababio.

According to him, because of his level of stardom, even if he offers a ride to a female friend she would immediately be reported as his girlfriend.

Lilwin said the media has been trying to bring him down since time immemorial but their negativity would never work.

He subsequently lost his cool and said they should stop asking him stupid and senseless questions or they would receive stupid and senseless answers.

Watch the moment below…

One can understand Lilwin’s frustrations, the same as multiple other stars who are never happy about reports of their life.

They love it when the media promotes their work or lavish praise on them but the moment you write or ask something they don’t like, you’re the devil.

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It’s typical arrogant celebrity belief – that unless you’re singing their praises from the high heavens then there is something wrong with your work.

Lilwin and Sandra Ababio stories aren’t new, probably because there is some fire underneath all that smoke.

Even people close to them have said they had a relationship.

Perhaps Lilwin is constipated from eating too much gob3 – he needs some fibre in his diet ASAP!

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