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Details Of Akrobeto’s 2nd Son Who Graduated Legon Pops Up After 1st Son Went Viral

Details of Akrobeto’s previously unknown children are now dropping online, giving Ghanaians a more detailed look at his family tree.

For ages we knew little about Akrobeto’s family, but in the space of just a few days we are finding out everything about them.

We couldn’t be more excited.

Over the weekend, we reported on Akrobeto’s first son, Kwaku Kyere Boadi, a resident of Genk in Belgium.

Kyere was identified as the first son of Akrobeto and you needed no DNA test to tell you it’s the truth, you only have to take a look at his massive nose to know his paternity!

A few days later, more details of his family also popped up, including the fact that he did not know his mother until 2016!

Now Akrobeto himself has provided more details of his own family including the fact that he has two other sons.

The legendary comic actor was pinned by Abeiku Santana today to answer questions about his family.

He asked him if the Belgium guy is truly his son and Akrobeto said yes.

He revealed he has two other kids, all boys who are with him here in Ghana.

Akrobeto said his 2nd son is a Legon graduate who passed out from the school with Second Class Upper and is currently working.

When Abeiku asked him what the boy studied, he said he doesn’t know – unless Abeiku asks the boy himself!

Akrobeto was also asked by Abeiku why he has kept his family hidden all this while and basically said it’s none of our business to know.

It’s clear from his utterances that if his son had not spoken with the blogger ZionFelix and outed himself, Ghanaians would probably never know about him because Akrobeto would never reveal his existence.

Watch him speak about his kids below…

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