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Drama As Two Ladies Fight Over A Guy on Accra Technical University Campus – Video

Go to school and get educated, naah. Fight over a useless guy who probably doesn’t care about either of you – hell yeah!

That’s the thought process of two ladies on the campus of the Accra Technical University this afternoon.

The two have been captured in a huge fight on the school’s campus which has drawn a crowd of spectators around them.

A video of their fight has hit up social media and is rapidly going viral.

The two can be seen in the fight holding onto each other, trying their best to fight but they had already been surrounded by ‘good samaritans’ trying to separate them.

At the point we see the video the fight had degenerated into just holding of hair.

Reports are clear that the fight is over a guy, although details of who this great casanova is were not readily available.

Watch the video below…

It’s hilarious that any two girls will be fighting over a guy, much less ladies on campus to educate themselves.

How much education is really passing through you if you’re wasting valuable time fighting over a guy?

Really, a guy?

Are they seriously telling us he’s the richest or most handsome guy in the world? Because that is the only context in which this fight makes sense.

Other than that it’s just a huge waste of time. There are a million more of that guy all over the place.

The useless things people fight over? SMH!

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