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Linda Osei Finishes Afia Schwarzenegger As She Drops Hot Gist About Afia’s Time in South Africa

Tiktok star Linda Osei had the chance to finish Afia Schwarzenegger in their ongoing beef but decided to turn down the chance.

Linda Osei says she received a call from someone ready to give her the hottest gist on Afia – and she turned it down!


Osei has been battling Afia Schwarzenegger in a wild Instagram battle for the past several days.

It started when the Tiktoker made fun of Afia Schwarzenegger’s 20th birthday party for her twins.

According to her, despite all the bragging Afia Schwar is able to do online, she could only hold a low budget birthday party.

She trolled the party she held for the kids and that did not sit down well with Schwar.

She hit back at Osei and as is typical with Schwar, she did not hold back.

She went straight for the ‘deformity’ she saw on Linda Osei, which was her eyes.

Afia mocked her ‘alookme’ eyes and said they prevented her from seeing what happened at the party.

Linda has now hit back and mocked Afia Schwarzenegger for not having a man.

She said her husband has warned her not to disgrace him online anymore so she’s ceasing all beefs.

However, her comment was passed in a way to show Afia Schwarzenegger has no man in her life to keep her in check when she’s fooling.

Osei also said she received hot gist from South Africa that would have disgraced Afia but due to the warning from her husband, she let it go.

Listen to her mocking Afia again below…

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