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Pray for Wisdom and Knowledge from God Because You’re Too Fo*lish – Blogger Slams Hopeson Adorye

Top NPP official Hopeson Adorye has been slammed hard by blogger thosecalledcelebs as their never-ending beef continues.

According to the blogger, even though he’s an old man, Hopeson Adorye has zero sense in his brain.

She took to her social media pages to fire her latest missiles at him.

According to her, Adorye is an ‘immature grown man without sense and brain’ and a ‘fool with grey hair’.

Her latest rant comes as Hopeson Adorye continues to attack her on social media and radio and television even after she apologised.

Adorye says he rejects the apology and is still hell-bent on exposing her hence she has also decided to escalate their fight.

It all started when the blogger posted about alleged troubles in Adorye’s marriage to Empress Gifty.

The old man was alleged to have multiple side chics he sleeps around with all over the place.

That obviously made him unhappy and he started targeting thosecalled.

He posted photos alleging to be her real face and said he won’t rest until she’s disgraced.

As their beef escalated, the blogger posted a half-hearted apology which was rejected by Adorye.

In response, she had this to say: “No woman suffers most than a mature woman dealing with immature grown man without sense and brain…”

She added: “Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge from God first …….and he became one of the most successful person on earth”, implying Hopeson should do same.

The action continues – stay tuned for the next salvo from the NPP stalwart.

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