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Tears Flow As Pretty Young Lady Is Shot Dead At A Wedding Reception

A beautiful young Ghanaian lady has met her untimely demise at a wedding reception after being hit by a stray bullet.

Eunice Kissiwa died at a wedding in Nima over the weekend after sustaining a gunshot wound.

According to reports, she attended a Muslim wedding in the Accra suburb but alas, coming back home was not meant to be for her.

Some careless folks holding a gun shooting competition took her life with a stray bullet.

Per reports, the incident happened at the wedding reception.

The culprits were holding their deadly gun shooting competition whilst the reception was ongoing.

Kissiwa was quietly seated in her ‘one corner’ as we say but death had her targeted that day.

The stray bullet found her and she sustained injuries.

Her life could not be saved on time as she tragically passed away.

Details on what has happened to the idiots playing with guns at a wedding ceremony are yet to be clarified.

We just know that they must be found and brought to justice.

Carelessly cutting short someone’s life in this manner should not be allowed to stand.

That is a full grown person with their own life to live, killed because of carelessness!

Seriously, how does a gun shooting competition occur at a wedding?

Someone must definitely pay for this tragedy.

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