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Uproar in Taadi As Pastor Exposed for Sleeping With and Impregnating Church Member’s Wife

There is uproar in the Western Regional capital Takoradi as a top pastor in the city has been exposed for sleeping with a church member’s wife.

Pastor Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong has allegedly impregnated a church member’s wife, using claims of ‘prophecy’.

As these pastors normally do, he lured the lady in with claims of prophecy then managed to sleep with her multiple times.

Their s*x sessions ended in pregnancy.

The lady, Regina, has now filed a legal challenge against the pastor, who is the founder of El Shaddai Outreach Ministry Church in Takoradi.

According to Regina’s statement of claim, Pastor Sarpong told her that she had a spiritual marriage that needed to be broken.

He claimed that her own dead father had married her spiritually – how sick is that! – and told her that her own marriage in this world will not succeed until that spiritual marriage has been taken care of.

He told her she needed to undergo certain rituals, which included him sleeping with her on multiple occasions.

This went on for four years, and during these four years, she was instructed never to sleep with her own husband, an instruction she followed to the letter.

She later got pregnant and since her husband had not slept with her for four years, he requested a divorce.

This led to the pastor’s actions coming out and he was dragged before the court as well.

He admitted fathering the child but later started neglecting his responsibilities.

Since the case went to court, other ladies have also started coming forward with similar allegations against the man of God.

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