Abesim Killer In Fresh Trouble: Another Missing SHS Boy Allegedly Linked By Him

Fresh trouble is blowing for Richard Appiah as another missing teenager is allegedly being linked to him. The boy who has been missing for some time now is believed to have been killed by Richard Appiah since their houses are very close.  

A few meters after the house where Richard Appiah committed the crime is another house where a carpenter with the name, Kwaku Nyamekye has his shop. He has been seeing Richard around for many years but they relate as neighbors and nothing else. He was taken aback when the police came to the house of Richard Appiah and started searching everywhere. To his surprise, human parts were retrieved from the house.

He is now scared for his life but he is currently not at peace because his teenage son has been missing for over one month now. His son, Boakye Danqwa Kingsley, a student with the Sunyani Senior High School was last seen on Sunday, June 11, 2021. His father, Mr. Kwaku Nyamekye, and the rest of the family have been searching all over for him but to no avail. Even though the father has been working as a carpenter he is always thinking about the missing son.

He has been looking for an opportunity to search for the house of Richard Appiah to see if his son might be seen there but to no avail. Mr. Kwaku Nyamekye has been spending the rest of his life crying and searching for his son. The police have cordoned off the house where the human parts were found and that will not offer Mr. Kwaku Nyamekye the opportunity to look for his son there but is he with a strong conviction that his son might have fallen victim to Richard Appiah.

He has been looking for an opportunity to meet the police hierarchy to offer him an audience to meet Richard Appiah to answer if he knows the whereabout of his son. He strongly believes that with the closeness of their houses, and the kind of crime Richard Appiah has committed, his son might also be a victim. Unfortunately, Mr. Kwaku Nyamekye is not getting answers from anyone.

His only hopes are that the police investigations will provide him the answers he has been looking for. Richard Appiah has caused harm and pain to several homes at Abesim and others that are unknown. If the missing of Kingsley is actually linked to him after investigations, then he must be ready for a stiffer punishment. In the meantime, let’s all hope Kingsley returns home safely from wherever he has been.

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