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Business Is Booming! – Photos of Tracey Boakye’s New $310,000 Mansion In Ridge

From East Legon landlady to Ridge landlady – business is truly booming for our beloved ‘borla bird’ (BB).

Tracey Boakye is alleged to have acquired a new mansion to add to the list of properties she allegedly already owns in Ghana.

We say allegedly because everyone knows it’s easy to own properties on social media but it’s harder to own them in the real world.

Blogger Aba the Great reports that Tracey Boakye has taken ownership of her latest mansion, located at Ridge in Accra.

The blogger alleges that Traceykept her plans under wraps, hiding it from the public.

She even hid it from her two apparent close friends – ‘Fufu Funu’ Afia Schwarzenegger and photoshop hemaa Diamond Appiah.

Aba wrote: ‘Lemme serve y’all with a small gist, I’m sure Tracey Boakye will be like, ah who is this ghost kraaa on my matter 😂😂😂😂 it is what is it… 😎 Tracey Boakye just acquired a house at Ridge for $310,000 registered in Lucile O.B’s name(daughter) … I know the rest of the mafia gangs will be shock at this revelation 🤣🤣🤣 especially landguard 😂😂😂😂 she’s kept u in the dark eeeh, yep! 😎 when u know who your friends are, you thread with caution,’

Tracey Boakye by our count now owns about three mansions out of no discernible source of income.

Her East Legon mansion, which was allegedly taken over by the owner due to non-payment of rent, is still out there for her, plus another property she apparently moved into in Ashalley Botwe.

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We can now add Ridge to the list.

Either the ‘Papa No’ business is extra booming – possible – or some of these are audio properties.

It just requires the right scandal to come out and we would discover the ‘real’ owners’.

It’s only a matter of time. In Ghanaian showbiz, the truth always comes out – eventually.

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