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Man Down! – When ‘Man of God’ Majid Michel Got Sandwiched by Two Heavy Tundras – Photo

Actor turned man of God Majid Michel had his resolve tested recently after being cornered by two Moesha level tundras.

Majid was captured in a photo in the middle of a powerful sandwich, flanked on both sides by these two ladies.

The ladies were powerfully endowed and were dressed to perfectly highlight what their maker had given them.

From the photo, Majid appeared to be preaching to the two ladies, but were they listening?

Majid had his hands cupped to show he was holding an invisible globe in it.

His caption read: “He’s got the whole world in his hands. He’s got the whole wide world in his hands.”

The photo was posted on Majid Michel’s Instagram page.

Check it out below…

Over the past several years, the actor has rebranded from a secular star having fun in movies into a man of God.

He has now become evangelist Majid Michel, holding crusades and evangelising all over the country.

If memory serves me right he was even in Cameroon and other places a while back preaching his new message of Christ.

Most of Ghana’s actors have to branch into other fields to make money after a while due to the appalling pay they receive in their chosen profession.

Some enter politics, others into business – others also choose the work of God which let’s not kid ourselves, can be very proftable.

Just ask Obofour, Obinim or even Ghc 610m man Mensa Otabil!

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