Check Out Cars And Houses Own By The Abesim K*ller

More and extra revelations approximately the infamous Abesim murderer, Richard Appiah, have commenced shooting up after he became arrested for murdering 3 children.

The near pal of the victim, Nyame Noah, has disclosed that he (Richard) owns approximately 13 taxis and is running on a luxurious residence project.

Nyame Noah instructed Sunyani-primarily based totally Ark FM that he sought Richard Appiah to help him in locating work. Richard Appiah handiest requested him one query at some stage in the conversation.

“He requested me why, of all of the human beings in Abesim, did I Nyame Noah select to method him alone? “

He replied, ” I informed him that I’ve visible him riding exclusive taxis, so I see him as a accountable taxi motive force and a land surveyor.”

That is while Richard Appiah admitted to Nyame Noah that he owned extra than 10 taxis and turned into running on a residence project. Taxi riding, on the opposite hand, isn’t always his profession. He additionally does now no longer need to rely upon destiny condo sales from his residence.

Richard additionally knowledgeable him that he’s a accountable character who works at a big Sunyani office. As a result, he (Nyame Noah) have to keep to pay him visits and help him at the farm. He gets him a white-coloured task at his employment as soon as he’s pleased.

This instilled desire withinside the jobless man. He endured to pay him visits and help him in his cocoa field. Because of his uncommon sports on the property, he accused Richard Appiah of plotting to kill him one day. After a failed attempt, he (Nyame Noah) determined now no longer to technique him once more.

“I suspected him due to the fact he might take in a cutlass and stand at the back of me. He will faux to be weeding once I see that. He may be searching me down, looking to increase the cutlass once more as quickly as I flip my head”… Nyame Noah mentioned.

A few days later, Richard Appiah became detained. That changed into a robust signal that his suspicions had been correct.

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