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Ghanaian Lesb*an in the U.K Breaks Up with her Partner 2 Months to their Wedding Due to Abuse

A Ghanaian lesbian in the United Kingdom has secede with her partner two months before their wedding.

According to her, her fiancee was abusive hence she has no desire to continue their relationship.

A popular DJ known as DJ Iyce, she has therefore broken off their upcoming conjugals.

She is now seeking asylum from the United Kingdom government because she says Ghana is too dangerous for her to return to.

DJ Iyce, citing Ghana’s hostile LGBT environment, says she can’t come back because her life might be in danger.

She says since her identity is out there, it would expose her to violence if she returns to Ghana.

DJ Iyce according to reports has been in a committed relationship with her lesbian partner in the U.K for some years now. They had plans to get married in October this year, with everything arranged for it to happen.

However, she has now changed her mind about the upcoming wedding.

Iyce alleges her partner has been abusing her.

The said partner is reportedly ready to accept her back for the wedding to go forward but DJ Iyce refuses.

According to Ghanaian media personality Attractive Mustapha, DJ Iyce used to work with Happy Fm in Accra but was sacked after her s*xuality was discovered.

With her marriage now hitting the rocks, the Ghanaian is counting on the U.K government saving her due to Ghana’s raging homophobic bill which might soon become law.

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