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(+VIDEO) Sakawa Boy Sends Strong Warning To Slay Queens – Says They Will Exchange Them For Benz

A rowdy Sakawa boy has sent a strong warning to slay queens to prepare for them because they are about to make things bloody!

An unknown Sakawa boy is seen noting boldly in a video that they will continue to use the life of Slay queens for blood money.

According to him, those slay queens are lazy and do not like to work hard for their own money and so they would have to pay for the cost of cheap money with their lives.

He made the revelation in a viral video, claiming they will exchange Benz and all the flashy cars they desire to acquire with the lives of slay queens, adding that they will keep jumping from one slay queen to another.

Slay queen is a modern internet term that is used to describe a class of ladies who do nothing but live their desired life spending the money of rich men.

They are known for their flashy lifestyle; they use the latest iPhones, designer wears and they are fond of taking photos to advertise themselves on social media for clients.

Whist some slay queens classify themselves as top slay queens, chopping big men and politicians, some are also on the low side for fraud and sakawa boys and they end up being used for rituals.

Over the past years, we have had to report some of the weird deaths of those girls but nothing seems to scare them, especially when bundles of money are staring at them. It’s very unfortunate!

Watch the video below;

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