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Cina Soul’s Reaction After She Was Asked If She’ll Marry KiDi Hints They’re In Love – Video

The closest besties in the entertainment industry, Cina Soul and KiDi are in the news again.

The beautiful songstress went on radio tour with her new song and she’s trending due to some answers she gave to questions she was asked.

We know Cina Soul and KiDi are fond of each other but we didn’t know it was this much.

In an interview with Ola Michael yesterday, Cina Soul was asked two sensitive questions about her supposed friendship with the award winning afro beat musician and her response and reaction gave fans all the proof they need.

Cina Soul was asked if she would love to marry KiDi in the near future and the love drunk singer fidgeting with her dress smiled and said It shouldn’t be a surprise if they should marry one day.

She explained further saying they both are fond of each other and the future holds uncertain decisions so Ghanaians should gear up for anything between she and KiDi.

Cina Soul’s mood quickly changed when she was asked in another interview that what will she do if she does not end up together with KiDi.

Only love can make you smile when you see each other and frown or become moody when the thought of losing the other crosses your mind.

Watch the video below.

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