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Gay Men Are Snatching All Our Boyfriends – Yvonne Nelson Cries

Actress Yvonne Nelson has cried out that gay men these days are managing to grab even the boyfriends of straight women – perhaps why she still hasn’t settled down?

Yvonne Nelson took to Twitter, where she posts all circumlocutory that enter her head, whether it is on politics, showbiz or relationships – to make her comment.

The actress posted a cryptic message that required about five readings to really understand, but we think we’ve decoded it.

Yvonne is lamenting that even though women of today look more beautiful than ever – with makeup, weaves and even body enhancements aka surgery – men still love their ‘boyfriends’.

Ergo, what she’s saying is that despite the enhanced beauty of the modern woman, gay men are still able to snatch their boyfriends from them!

She wrote: “…a time when plastic surgery is very common, I mean women look like dolls these days…BUT…STILL…, our men love their boyfriends/boyFRIENDS. kindly explain.”

Well, a fan took on the task to explain the issue to Yvonne.

Read what the person wrote below…

“Oh yes. It’s true. Gays are the straight and muscular people we see around. One truth is those girlish men are the turn off for gay men because they easily raise suspicion. So they rather go for normal straight acting guys who are just gays like them,”

Celebrities tend to love thick tall muscular men, and apparently many of them these days are into men rather than women.

If you’re a celeb and you don’t take care, you might end up in an ‘entanglement’ you don’t like and come crying to Twitter.

Anyway, how does Yvonne know all this, we thought she’s supposed to be married?

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