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‘It’s St*pdity To Donate 50,000ghc To Build National Cathedral While Zongo Is In A Mess’ – Twene Jonas Attacks Chief Imam

The voice of the youth, Twene Jonas has come out again to address a national issue he finds outrageous.

The unforgiving and unapologetic gentleman recorded himself questioning why the National Chief Imam would donate 50,000ghc towards the construction of the national cathedral.

Twene Jonas said in his video that he does not understand the action of the national chief Imam when that huge sum of money could have benefitted his community more.

He said Zongo communities across the country are under developed and lacking many amenities that the 50,000gh could have solved but the Chief Imam did not see them.

Twene Jonas added in the video that this is just a showcase of how ‘stupid’ the Chief Imam is.

Explaining why he labeled the respected man of the state ‘stupid’, Twene hammered again that some Zongo communities are in dire need for money and could have used that donation.

He ended his opinion with another shot saying the Imam needlessly donated that huge amount of money towards the building of the National Cathedral for his parochial interest.

We know the Zongo community will not tuck their tail in between their legs like a scared puppy and watch Twene Jonas make a mockery out of their Chief Imam.

We are waiting for that Vawulwnce.

Watch video below:

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