My Father Has Been Sleeping With Me Since 2014- Teenager Tells Police

A 45-year-vintage college teacher, Nelson Akinsowon, who has allegedly been having carnal expertise together along with his 17-year-antique daughter considering that she become 10 years vintage, has been arrested via way of means of guys of the Ondo country police command.

The suspect turned into arrested and detained through the police in Ondo, headquarters of Ondo West Local Government Area after his daughter said to own circle of relatives contributors that he automatically had intercourse together along with her.

The teen defined that her organic father began out drowsing together along with her and molested her for seven years when you consider that her mom packed out of her father’s residence because of irreconcilable differences.

According to the victim: “My father is a secondary college teacher. He has been slumbering with me for the reason that 2014 once I became 10 years vintage until July, final month. My mom is now no longer staying with us due to her fitness problems and my father married any other spouse. My father’s spouse preaches to me approximately maintaining myself from guys till I am married, now no longer understanding that my father has been sound asleep with me.

“I may want to now no longer undergo it and there changed into no one I should inform this to due to the fact he usually threatened to kill me if I uncovered his action. This made me run farfar from the residence until I turned into invited with the aid of using the police to return back to the station.”

In his defense, the accused father alleged that the victim’s mom made his daughter lay the fake allegations on him.

Confirming the incident, the spokesperson of the kingdom police command, Funmi Odunlami, stated an research into the problem has commenced.

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