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‘I Have Nyansh, Bust and Sense’ – Hajia Bintu Lists Qualities Which Makes Her A Good Wife Material

Hajia Bintu, Ghana’s favorite Tiktok star, has listed characters she believes makes her a good wife material.

D-black and other Ghanaian men have the notion that slay queens (girls who flaunt thier bodies on social media) like Hajia Bintu are not marriage material.

These ladies are used as escorts to functions and gatherings whilst ladies from humble backgrounds with sound thinking and stable source of income are married.

Hajia Bintu falls in the category of ladies who show off their features online but believes she is still a wife material.

What makes her a wife material? Bintu says she has a huge backside, a huge frontside and she has enough sense to take care of the home.

These qualities, according to her, makes it impossible to ignore her when listing women suitable for marriage.

Video below.

Hajia Bintu gained fame all over social media (especially Instagram and Tiktok) because of her big behind.

Her fanbase is dominated by perverted males largely due to the seductive videos she shares showing off her bootylicious body.

Even Shatta Wale wasted time to write a song and shoot a music video to glorify her booty.

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