Ghana Is Not Safe, Send Your Kids to America – Rich, Out of Touch Agya Koo Advises Poor Ghanaians


If only flying your kids from Ghana to America was so easy whilst earning whatever peanuts people earn in Ghana, won’t we all do it?

Actor Agya Koo, who is rich beyond measure I presume, partly from his acting career and partly from being a crony of the ruling government, says all Ghanaian parents should fly their kids out of the country.

Agya Koo says Ghana is unsafe hence anyone with the means should carry their children out of here!

That simple, huh?

Agya Koo was speaking on a panel show on a Kumasi radio station.

He is reported to have said: “Currently, most parents in this country are not comfortable even when their kids go out to play because they fear something might happen to their children.

For me, if you are a parent and you have what it takes, send your children to America or other safer countries. The killing and kidnapping is too much in this country,”

Agya Koo has changed his tune very fast, hasn’t he?

Remember, this is a gentleman who campaigned heavily for the current government to come to power.

He told Ghanaians that every problem we’re having would be fixed if only we went to the polls and voted for the Elephant party.

Ghanaians listened and did just that, and now we’re supposed to fly our children outside because the system has broken down.

Good thing Agya Koo is rich and can do just that.

For those who can’t, they need their government to actually do its job and create a country where everyone has the opportunity to survive and be safe.