Grieving mom dies the next day after burying her son


A woman who felt so devastated after her son died grieved so much that she also passed on the following day after her son’s burial.

The heartbroken woman Mrs. Jummai Albert died just a day after the burial of her only child, Jerry Albert, who was murdered by yet-to-identified persons in Adamawa State, Nigeria.

It was gathered that Jerry, a student of the Adamawa State University, Mubi, was killed on Tuesday night, August 31, moments after seeing off a friend.

The young man was reportedly buried on Thursday, September 2. Sadly, Mrs. Albert was unable to cope with the death of her only child and died on Friday, September 3. She will be laid to rest on Saturday in the Zakawan community, Adamawa.

In other news, a woman who has been deceiving unsuspecting people by making her son pose as a cripple to beg at vantage points in the city has been nabbed finally.

The innocent boy apparently operated from a wheelchair on a busy street where Good Samaritans give him money owing to his supposed disability.

The way his legs have been placed in the wheelchair could easily tell anyone with ‘technical’ eyes that he’s a fraudster. Some members of the general public for this reason, got wind of the deception and confronted the duo consequently.

At this juncture, they discovered that he was being used by his mother to fool passers-by and in the process, obtain money from well-meaning people from all walks of life.