Deadly Accident As Private Car Rams Into Yoghurt Seller and His Bike and Throws them Into A Ditch at Klagon


A shocking accident has residents of Klagon and Lashibi in the capital shook this afternoon.

An overspeeding private car rammed into an innocent yoghurt seller on his bike.

The driver of the car and the ice cream seller are suspected not to have survived.

The accident occurred earlier today at the stretch of road which connects Klagon to Lashibi – after the Lashibi funeral homes and before Klagon water works.

That stretch of road has huge gullies on either end which flood during the rainy season.

The speeding car lost control and plunged into the ditch which is currently flooded due to the recent rains.

Unfortunately, the driver also appears to have rammed into an innocent yoghurt seller riding his bike on the edge of the road.

The conditions of the two is currently not clear.

Police have been called onto the scenes as well as a tow truck.

More soon…