‘An Unemployed Guy Who Smokes, Drinks and Wears Earrings’ – Ghanaian Sugar Mummy Brings Out Specs for her New Boytoy – Video


A Ghanaian sugar mummy on Tiktok is causing a stir with a list of the qualities she needs her boytoy to have.

According to the elderly woman who has no ethics, no boundaries and no morals, she needs a new sugar son after her previous one dumped her to become a priest.

She said she has no regrets over her previous boytoy dumping her and came to list the qualities she wants in her new gigolo.

From her description, she wants a bad boy who is lazy and poor – essentially someone who has nothing on his own for her to provide everything for him – hereby being able to control him.

She said her boyfriend must be unemployed, this is very important for her.

She said he must also be a weed smoker and obviously someone who drinks a lot.

She doesn’t want someone that when they go out and she’s trying to drink he will be holding back and trying to be a gentleman.

She also said he shouldn’t be a churchgoer and he must have piercings on his ear.

One piercing isn’t enough, she needs someone with two piercings.

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She had a whole bunch of other specs which she revealed in the video below.


In the era we’re in, it isn’t only young, pretty queens who search for fame online.

These days, even some older people have understood the internet very well and are utilising it to make cash by creating shocking content.

That’s probably what this lady is doing – or maybe she’s just horny and needs the laziest man in Ghana to sleep with.

Make your own judgements from the video…