Our Beloved Borla Bird Allegedly Has Diabetes Which Stops her From Fixing her Body – Full Details


Ghana’s beloved ‘Borla Bird’ allegedly suffers from diabetes, which is what prevents her from joining the list of Ghanaian celebrities who have gone under the knife.

Ayisha Modi has a battle ongoing with Afia Schwarzenegger and Tracey Boakye right now.

She has been taking shots at them all day and they have also been clapping back at her.

Ayisha Modi’s main beef is with Afia Schwarzenegger, but she has reserved some bullets for Tracey as well, who serves as Afia’s backing vocalist.

Anytime Afia Schwarzenegger takes shots at Ayisha Modi, Tracey is in the comment section to laugh.

In fact, it is the three musketeers who do that – Tracey, Afia Schwar and Diamond– they support whatever the other one posts whether it makes sense or it’s a steaming pile of rubbish!

That behaviour from Tracey has triggered Ayisha Modi to go after her alongside Afia Schwarzenegger.

In a video taking aim at Tracey, Ayisha said that the self-acclaimed East Legon landlady suffers from diabetes.

According to Ayisha, the illness prevents Tracey from going under the knife like other Ghanaian celebrities to get the ideal body she wants.

It’s no secret Tracey has a heavy-duty, mainly shapeless body.

Considering how Ghanaian celebs go under the knife for any nonsensical reason, perhaps it raises a few eyebrows as to why Tracey has never considered surgery.

According to Ayisha, the reason is simple -she’s diabetic and cannot do anything which gives her bodily sores such as surgery.