Shocking: Watch moment CCTV exposes lady spiking a man’s drink in a club and acting all innocent


In a video sighted by Ghnewsfile.Com on the internet, a woman has been seen on camera spiking her lover’s drink while they were both in a club.

The CCTV footage shared online shows the man who seems to be in his 50s, enjoying drinks with the diabolical woman who he invited over for a weekend rendezvous.

While they were enjoying their drinks in a club or probably a pub, the man excused himself to visit the washroom.

That moment was cunningly seized by the woman who had hidden a concoction, drugs, charm or whatever in her bra which she brought out and put some in the man’s drink, while cautiously looking over her shoulders to see if anyone was watching her.

The man who suspected no foul play returned to enjoy his drink, sending netizens into a state of anxiety on what could happen to him thereafter.

Watch the video below;