(+VIDEO) Drama erupts as lady catches her boyfriend red-haŋded in bɛd with another lady, see punches.


A nasty brawl ensued the moment a woman caught her man in bed with another woman in his apartment.

The lady who was probably given the information by an informant that her man was banging his former girlfriend in his house, gathered her male friends to provide security for her once things turn ugly knowing very well the fire she was sending along.

She also wanted to film the incident and share it on social media so she had the camera of her phone well tilted to capture the moment which she would serve as strong evidence in the future.

As she envisaged, things turn out the way she wanted it and once she saw the duo live in action, she pounced on the woman and gave her the beatings of her life.

We obtained the video from the Twitter page of AtinkaNews where presently, there’s has been a flurry of a lot of varied reactions.

Watch the video below;